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State Department Issues Travel Warnings

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Tiferet Israel 3 Jerusalem
Tel: (02)628-9729

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Website Captures 9/11 Memories

The National Park Service (NPS) launched a website today that features an "on-line" exhibit. Titled 9/11/01 The Meaning Of National Parks in Times of Crises, the site provides access to personal accounts of park visitors and employees both on and following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The site--whose address is invites its virtual visitors to comment on their current reflections about the value of National Parks in their lives today.

The site features some 20 interviews from an NPS oral history project that recorded the experiences and perspectives of employees who responded to the attacks and their aftermath at 12 sites in New York, Washington and around the country. In announcing the new website, NPS director Fran Mainella stated, "The National Park Service and our partners, the National Park Foundation and Eastern National want everyone to explore the memories of our workers and visitors -- and add personal comments and reactions."

"These parks and their people, the rangers, gardeners, police, secretaries, and more, will always carry the memory of September 11. Our visitors, at parks both near and far have shared their ideas of why and how they value the parks and the people who serve them. The message of September 11 is not only of loss. September 11 speaks of courage, determination and perseverance," she said.

The design and creation of the on-line exhibit is made possible through a grant from The National Park Foundation (NPF) to the Recovery and Remembrance Fund (Fund). "As we all continue to deal with our grief from the tragedy of September 11 in different ways, it is helpful to remember that National Parks can serve as special places for solitude, reflection and comfort," said Jim Maddy, president of the National Park Foundation. ""Now more than ever, National Parks have a special role to play in our lives, and connecting Americans to these special places through this web site is a role the National Park Foundation is pleased to play."

In addition to the web site, the Fund has underwritten the collection of the website's featured material, including the oral history project. It is managed by Eastern National, a nonprofit educational organization serving America's national parks and other public trusts. "Soon after 9/11,it was apparent that NPS staff and visitors had been deeply affected by what happened," said Eastern National President Chesley Moroz. "We established the Recovery and Remembrance Fund to document the oral histories of the park employees who witnessed and have supported the 9-11-01 recovery efforts and to create educational programs about the September 11th events and the involvement of national parks. Thanks to the generosity of the National Park Foundation and a number of organizations and individuals, we are pleased that the Fund was able to underwrite this important project," she said.

Featured parks include Federal Hall National Memorial, which on 9/11/01 served as a safe haven for some 250 people fleeing from the falling debris and choking dust caused by the collapse of the World Trade Center. Others are: The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Gateway in New York City; parks of metropolitan Washington, D.C.; Western Pennsylvania area parks; Fort McHenry (MD); Independence (PA); Shenandoah (VA); Mount Rainier (WA); Manzanar (CA); Yosemite (CA); and Golden Gate (CA).

Visitors to the website experience the ways these national park areas and their staffs and visitors responded to the events of 9/11 and its aftermath. The project also documents visitors talking about their sense of a heightened value of parks since the attacks. The website links to a number of related sites including the Official Flight 93 Website, The September 11 Digital Archive, and Museums Celebrate America's Freedoms.

The site uses the impact of the medium to present sound, video, and static displays. s2n Media of New York, which has done website development for a wide range of commercial and government clients, including the Smithsonian and the National Science Foundation, was contracted to create the site. The design team has obtained permission to incorporate post 9-11 news footage of parks and visitors from disparate places throughout the National Park System.

The NPS considers the website a work in progress and hopes that visitors will be inspired to share their stories and comments in the Remembrance section of the site . The goal is to allow people from around the United States and the world to contribute to the project and to incorporate their contributions into future exhibits and publications.

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Safety Tips for Travelers

Fires? We don't need no Stinkin fires.....

For updates on the wildfires, visit:

    Bureau of Land Management
    Federal Fire Admin.
    Fire Info Center
    Colorado State University

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Although a few courageous passengers did make an attempt to thwart an airplane hijacker, most travelers face few safety problems while on the road. Nonetheless, serious accidents have occurred most of which could have been prevented with a little forethought and planning. Here's a short check list of reminders.

Escorted tours:
     Read ALL information and instructions prior to departure and follow them. Tour operators provide important information on travel safety.
     Stay with your group (especially if you drink)
     Don't bother the bus driver when he/she is working.
     Nights out often find women wearing high heels which, when traveling on the same tour bus as in the day, has resulted in many foot and toe injuries getting on and off the bus.
     Use seat belts and appropriate car seats for children. These are not usually available in foreign countries, so check one through for children travelling with you.
     Buy the travel insurance to cover emergencies, lost luggage (which happens a great deal these days)
     Marriage license especially if your last names are different
     Immunizations you've had and when you had them

     emergency telephone numbers with you
     persons to contact in case of emergencies
     prescriptions in their original containers
     snacks in their original wrapper only
     first aid kit
     antibiotics, lopiramide for diarrhea
     pocket language translator
     some foreign currency
     money belt
     copies of your passport, credit cards, driver's license, tickets and other important documents and store these in a separate place from the original documents

    Complain to the tour operator if the hotel room is unsafe and demand another room if problems are not fixed quickly
    Women travelling alone should request a room above the first floor with doors and windows which can be locked and unlocked
    Ask for a different room if the front desk shouts out your room number
    Learn immediately where the emergency exists are located, how to call the fire department or police
    Check the bed for bugs and fleas and demand another room if yours is insect infested

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By Mona Mesereau

National park vacations continue to be popular with travelers from around the world, and many people plan their national park vacations well in advance of their travel date. That doesn't mean, however, that a national park vacation is out of the question for last-minute travelers. In fact, by following a few simple suggestions, any traveler can enjoy an affordable and memorable vacation in one the country's most spectacular settings, even with as little as 24 hours' notice. "People have become so accustomed to planning their national park vacations far in advance that they are often forced to change their travel dates or cancel their reservations entirely," said Andrew N. Todd, president and CEO of Amfac Parks & Resorts, the largest park and resort management company in the U.S. "That's good news for last-minute vacationers. With a little bit of persistence and flexibility, these travelers can often successfully find accommodations at the national park of their choice." Todd offers these tips for planning a national park vacation. 1. Be a bargain-hunter. National Park vacations are a great value, and prices at lodges, restaurants and gift shops inside the parks are often lower than prices at facilities outside the parks. Visitors can find great bargains on popular items such a s Black Hills Gold at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial gift shop and Native American jewelry at the award-winning Hopi House gift shop at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. 2. Be flexible. Because people make their plans so far in advance, they often call back with changes. In fact, half of all calls to Amfac Parks & Resorts' reservations center are to change or cancel existing reservations. Be as flexible as possible w ith travel dates and choice of lodging and you stand a better chance of getting a room on short notice. 3. Be persistent. Room availability is constantly changing, so make frequent calls to the Amfac reservations center to check on the situation at your park of choice. 4. Be timely. Room blocks are released 30 and 21 days prior to arrival. Even if a lodge or hotel has been sold out for months, travelers can often secure rooms when these blocks open up. 5. Be patient. Reservations agents typically handle many calls in a day, so you may have to wait a few moments for an available agent. 6. Be informed. Visit Amfac's web site at for general information on the parks as well as lodging descriptions, rates and availability. Amfac Parks & Resorts operates lodges, restaurants and other concessions at Grand Canyon National Park, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Yellowstone National Park, Death Valley National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Petrified Forest National Park and Everglades National Park. In addition, the company manages resorts in Napa, Calif.; Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; Nebraska City, Neb.; and at eight Ohio State Parks and three North Georgia State Parks. For reservations at national park lodges other than Yellowstone, call (1) 303-297-2757 or visit Amfac's web site at Reservations at Yellowstone can be made by calling (1) 307-344-7311 or visiting its web site at © 1998 Mesereau Public Relations

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REPORTS: Skiing, Fishing...

For Complete Ski Reports Got to the  Ski-Link® Menu Systems
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Colorado Snow Report Systems, U.S.A.
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TravelBank Systems Snow Report

** NOTE: New strom front on its way........!!!!
| New | Snow | New | New | Snow | Lifts
Colorado | Snow | Depth | Snow | Snow | Cond.|Open/Total
Ski Area | Past | | | | |
| 24 Hrs | | 48 Hrs | 72 Hrs | |
| | | ago | ago | |
| |Mid-Top | | | |
Ajax/Aspen Mountain | 0" | 20" 28"| 0" | 0" | p/pp | 6/8 OPEN: 970-925-1220 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: Trails: /76, ACRES: /673 Arapahoe Basin | 0" | 30" 36"| 0" | 3" | /pp | 5/5 OPENS: 970-468-0718 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: .Trails: 46/66, Acres: /490 Aspen Highlands | 0" | 20" "| 0" | " | /pp | 0/4 OPENS: 12/4 970-925-1220 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: Trails: /131, Acres: /790
Beaver Creek Resort #4 | 0" | 24" | 0" | 1" | p/pp | 9/13 OPEN: 970-476-5601 : $71.00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: Trails: /146, Acres: /1,625
Berthoud Pass Ski Area |2002-03 |shuttle |Service | only | / | /2 2002-03 shuttle service only..
800-754-2378 : $ 0 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: Trails: /65, Acres: /1,000
Breckenridge #2 | 0" | 26" 31"| 0" | " | /pp | 17/26 OPEN: 970-453-5000 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: Trails: /146, Acres: /2,208 Buttermilk Mountain/Aspn.| 0" | 17" 21"| 0" | " | p/pp | /7 OPENS: 12/14
970-925-1220 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: Trails: /41, Acres: /420
Copper Mountain Resort | 0" | 29" 31"| 0" | 5" | /PP | 15/23 OPEN: 970-968-2882 : $61.00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 30's OPEN: Trails: 5/125 Acres: /2,450
Crested Butte MtnRsrt. | 0" | 23" 38"| 0" | " |mm/pp | 3/15 OPEN: NOW 970-349-2323 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: Trails: /85, Acres: /1,058 Durango/PurgatoryResort-4| 0" | 23" 27"| 0" | 0" | /pp | 3/11 OPEN: / 800-525-0892 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 30's OPEN: Trails: /75, Acres: /1,200 Eldora Mountain Resort-2 | 0" | 33" | 0" | " |mm/pp | 9/12 OPEN: 303-440-8700 #3 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 10's, OPEN: Trails: /54, Acres: %/680 Keystone/North Peak #1 | 0" | 28" | 0" | 2" | /pp | 15/21 OPEN: / 970-248-0732 : $65.00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: Trails: 4/116, Acres: /1,861 Loveland Ski Areas | 0" | 35" | 0" | " | /pp | 9/11 OPEN: 303-571-5580 : $29.00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's OPEN: Trails: 64/77, Acres: 828/1,250
Silverton -NEW IN 2002* | 0" | 41" "| 0" | " | P/ | 1/1 OPEN: 100% Expert trails
970-387-5706 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's OPEN: % Trails: /69, Acres: /1,655
Snowmass | 0" | 25" 31"| 0" | " | /pp | 10/20 OPEN: 970-925-1220 : $49.00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's OPEN: % Trails: /84, Acres: 360/3,010
Steamboat #1 | 0" | 23" 32"| 0" | " | /pp | 9/20 OPEN: 970-879-6111 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: % Trails: /142, Acres: /2,939
Sunlight Mtn. Resort | 0" | 28" 32"| 0" | " | p/pp | 3/4 OPEN: 970-945-7491 : $34.00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: % Trails: /67, Acres: /470
Telluride | 0" | 26" 29"| 0" | " | / | 9/16 OPEN: 970-728-4431 : $ .00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's OPEN: Trails /84, Acres: /1,700
Ultima Resort ** | 3" | 48" 69"| 6" | 9" | P/pp | 30/36
303-745-8586 : $47.99 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, Trails: 86/118, Acres: 66%/3,681
Vail #3 | 0" | 24" 29"| 0" | " | /pp | 31/33 OPEN: 970-476-5601 : $71.00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's, OPEN: Trails: /193, Acres: /5,289 Winter Park Resort | 0" | 34" 39"| 0" | 6" | p/pp | 21/22 OPEN: 800-977-2754 : $36.00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 20's Trails: 35/134, Acres: /2,886 Wolf Creek | 1" | 50" 63"| 2" | 0" | /pp | 6/6 OPEN: 970-264-5639 : $43.00 Lifts, ExpTemp: 320's OPEN: RUNS: 100%/55 ACRES: 100%/1,600
** Skiing you into The 21st Century
ExpTemp = Expected Temperature for the day. NR = No Report Recv'd
BS = Bare Spots CS = Corn Snow FG = Frozen Granular
IP = Ice Patches IS = Icy surfaces LG = Loose Granular
TC = Thin Cover VS = Variable Surface WG = Wet Granular
P = Powder SP = Spring Conditions cl = Closed
PP = Packed Powder HP = Hard Pack WP = Wet Powder
SM = Snow Making MM = Machine Made S = Snowing @ report time
IC = Icy Conditiions MG = Machine Groomed s = Lite Snow @ report time

full ski reports are available at the Ski-Link® Menu

Additional Informaton:
World Wide Web -TravelBank Systems

For Weather Information................... 398-3964 VOICE
Colorado Weather Report
For Road Conditions....................... 639-1111 VOICE
Colorado Road Report
For Avalanche Information................. 275-5360 VOICE

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Both temperature and wind cause heat loss from body surfaces. A combination
of cold and wind makes a body feel colder than the actual temperature. The
left column of figures shows temperatures in Fahrenheit. The top column
shows wind speed. Both are combined to calculate wind-ccchhhiiillllll.

DEGREES 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45
20 | 16 3 -5 -10 -15 -18 -20 -21 -22
15 | 12 -3 -11 -17 -22 -25 -27 -29 -30
10 | 7 -9 -18 -24 -29 -33 -35 -37 -38
5 | 0 -15 -25 -31 -36 -41 -43 -45 -46
0 | -5 -22 -31 -39 -44 -49 -52 -53 -54
-5 | -10 -27 -38 -46 -51 -56 -58 -60 -62
-10 | -15 -34 -45 -53 -59 -64 -67 -69 -70
-15 | -21 -40 -51 -60 -66 -71 -74 -76 -78
-20 | -26 -46 -58 -67 -74 -79 -82 -84 -85
-25 | -31 -52 -65 -74 -81 -86 -89 -92 -93
-30 | -36 -58 -72 -81 -88 -93 -97 -100 -102



The National Weather service and othe government agencies use certain
descripitions for varing levels of winter conditions. From buzzwords to
blizz-words, here is your key to figuring out what level of storm the
announcer or recorder is talking about. In the Denver front range the
Emergency Ham Radio Weather Net is on 146.94. or 147.12.MHz.

Plains and lower elevations may get snow accumulation of six
inches or more in 12 hours, or eight inches or more in 24 hours.
Mountain areas could experience snow accumulation of eight inches
or more in 12 hours or ten inches or more in 24 hournow accumulations as
described above, but with conditions aggravated by blowing and drifting snow.

This means that the following conditions are expected to last
for three hours or longer: wind-sustained or frequent gusts to 35 mph
or stronger, and snow falling or blowing which will reduce visibility
to less than a quarter mile.

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Current UV Index:|> 4 <|
Index Value Exposure Level
0 - 2 = Minimal
3 - 4 = Low
5 - 6 = Moderate
7 - 9 = High (#15 Block)
10 - 15 = Very High (#25 Block)

that condititons are favorable for severe thunderstorms to develop in
or close to the watch area. Indicating
that meteorological conditions are possible in the watch area. Hail:
Surface hail stones 3/4" diameter or larger. Wind:
Surface winds > 50 KTS either sustained or gusts. Structural wind
damage may infer a severe thunderstorm.

Means that a severe thunderstorm has been detected by radar or observed
by a reliable source, such as a trained spotter.

Will be issued when heavy rains may result in flash flooding in a
specific area.

Issued when flash flooding is occuring or imminent in a specific area.

Means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes to develop. You should
listen to NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, and/or television for the
latest weather information. Stay informed and keep an eye on the sky, as
sometimes tornados occur without a warning.

Means that a tornado has been sighted or detected on radar. Seek Shelter

REALITY, AND "THE RULE": be prepared for worse conditions than forecasters
warned about, and smile when anothe "miscall" gives you fair sky or clear
highway. Predicting the weather is as much art as it is science. In the
words of Jane Bryant Quinn: "The rule on staying alive as a forecaster is
to give'em a number or give'em a date, but never give'em both at once."

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** **
Reproduced, with permission,from Systems,TRAVELBANK.COM
Multi-Line Computer Information Utility, Travel/Recreation Information

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For the week of :    

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Information for Anglers: - 

News and Information Free Fishing Weekend - June 3 to June 4, 2023 A great time to try fishing in Colorado! The fish are starting to bite at waters all around the state. To give everyone an opportunity to get out and get some hits, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is inviting resident and nonresident anglers of all ages to participate in its annual Free Fishing Weekend on June 3 to 4, 2023. The free fishing weekend is a great way to get outside with family and friends and take advantage of Colorado's extensive opportunities to fish for a myriad of cold and warm water fish species.

Upcoming Fishing Events​ & Tournaments

Reminder: All tournaments req​uire a valid Colorado Fishing License. ​​​​​​


Free Fishing Weekend at Barr Lake
Saturday, June 3

CPW is inviting anglers of all ages and skill to participate in its annual Free Fishing Weekend.

Carp Fishing Tournament at Barr Lake
Saturday, June 3

Come catch all the carp you can and win prizes! Bow and rod are allowed. CASH PRIZES OVER $2,000! The goal of this event is to reduce the number of invasive species in Barr Lake.

Fly Fishing 101
Sunday, June 4

Have you ever wanted to learn what fly fishing is all about?

Learn to Fish at Staunton State Park
Wednesday, June 7

Learn to fish at Staunton State Park with CPW staff and volunteers. All equipment will be provided if you don't have your own. Clinic will be held at the Davis Ponds, no registration necessary, just drop by and give fishing a try anytime between 10am and 2pm. Park pass fees apply and fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 or older.

Learn to Fish at Staunton State Park
Tuesday, June 13

Learn to fish at Staunton State Park with CPW staff and volunteers. All equipment will be provided if you don't have your own. Clinic will be held at the Davis Ponds, no registration necessary, just drop by and give fishing a try anytime between 10am and 2pm. Park pass fees apply and fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 or older.

Fly Fishing Clinic @ Mueller
Friday, June 16

Meet at Dragonfly Pond. Learn the basics of fly fishing with Volunteer Craig. 8 years and up. Equipment provided.

Learn to Fish at Staunton State Park
Friday, June 16

Learn to fish at Staunton State Park with CPW staff and volunteers. All equipment will be provided if you don't have your own. Clinic will be held at the Davis Ponds, no registration necessary, just drop by and give fishing a try anytime between 10am and 2pm. Park pass fees apply and fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 or older.

Fishing 101 for Adults
Saturday, June 17

Get into fishing with this all encompasing fishing 101 clinic for adults. We'll cover all the basics to get you set up and catching fishing!

Dads, Donuts and Fish @ Jackson Lake SP
Saturday, June 17

Meet ya at the Marina for a donut and to practice casting with BackYard Bass!

Fly Fishing Clinic @ Mueller
Tuesday, June 20

Meet at Dragonfly Pond. Learn the basics of fly fishing with Volunteer Craig. 8 years and up. Equipment provided.

Learn to Fish at Staunton State Park
Tuesday, June 20

Learn to fish at Staunton State Park with CPW staff and volunteers. All equipment will be provided if you don't have your own. Clinic will be held at the Davis Ponds, no registration necessary, just drop by and give fishing a try anytime between 10am and 2pm. Park pass fees apply and fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 or older.

Learn to fish at Staunton State Park
Thursday, June 22

Learn to fish at Staunton State Park with CPW staff and volunteers. All equipment will be provided if you don't have your own. Clinic will be held at the Davis Ponds, no registration necessary, just drop by and give fishing a try anytime between 10am and 2pm. Park pass fees apply and fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 or older.

Outdoor Skills Day at Mueller
Saturday, June 24

Join us for a day full of fun trying new ways to enjoy the outdoors! Learn from experts fly fishing, spin-casting, camp cooking, eating s’mores, bird watching, target shooting, archery, and so much more! Don’t miss this great annual event!

Learn to fish at Staunton State Park
Monday, June 26

Learn to fish at Staunton State Park with CPW staff and volunteers. All equipment will be provided if you don't have your own. Clinic will be held at the Davis Ponds, no registration necessary, just drop by and give fishing a try anytime between 10am and 2pm. Park pass fees apply and fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 or older.

Learn to fish at Staunton State Park
Wednesday, June 28

Learn to fish at Staunton State Park with CPW staff and volunteers. All equipment will be provided if you don't have your own. Clinic will be held at the Davis Ponds, no registration necessary, just drop by and give fishing a try anytime between 10am and 2pm. Park pass fees apply and fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 or older.

Fly Fishing Clinic @ Mueller
Friday, June 30

Meet at Dragonfly Pond. Learn the basics of fly fishing with Volunteer Craig. 8 years of age and up. Equipment provided.

Conditions for the week of :. Information is provided by CPW employees and local fishing enthusiasts. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Keep in mind that fishing conditions change on a constant basis. A lot can change in a week from the time this fishing conditions report is produced. If the water you are interested in knowing more about is not listed here or if you're lo​oking for the most current ​information, we encourage anglers to explore some of the numerous private websites that offer fishing condition reports. 

Boat Inspection Update

Boaters! Please remember to get your green seals before launching this spring, and always remember to have them applied upon leaving your favorite reservoirs.  Green seals and valid receipts together tell us where your boat has been, and make the entrance inspection easier and faster the next time you launch. View a list of open waters and inspection hours.

As with last year, boats with ballast tanks, inboards and inboard/outboard engines will need to get a green seal and receipt when exiting a reservoir or the boat will be decontaminated when entering a new water body, so be sure to ask for that seal and receipts every time!

2015 Update: Valid Seals and Receipts will be accepted this year in both Wyoming (brown seals) and New Mexico (yellow seals), and our inspectors here in Colorado will accept a valid receipt and seal from WY and NM this year.

No water, no mud, no plants, no mussels in between each and every use!​


Let's Fish! Family Fishing The High Country
Sunday, July 26

Escape the heat of the city and take your family fishing to a high country lake. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is hosting a family fishing event at Urad Lake State Wildlife Area. Learn some techniques for successful fishing at altitude. Different fishing techniques will be taught and families will have plenty of time to fish together as a unit. No experience necessary.

Free Fishing Clinic
Sunday, July 26

Join us anytime between 10am and 12pm for tips and tricks on how to fish. Fishing gear will be available to use. Under 16 years old? No license needed. 16 or older? Come get your license at the Visitors Center.

Fishing 101
Thursday, July 30

Come out to Highline Lake, where Interpreter Corey will be teaching kids and families how to fish! We will be providing poles, bait, and all of the necessary equipment so that attendees can have what they need to learn the basics of fishing. All ages are welcome.

T.U.N.E Camp (The Ultimate Nature Experience)
Thursday, July 30

Cal-Wood partners with Pheasants Forever, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Trout Unlimited, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to create the most unique opportunity of the summer. This camp is definitely for the outdoor enthusiast– learn and practice outdoor skills that will last you a lifetime. Hike and explore in the mountains, learn how to fish by fly and reel, work on your archery skills, learn survival and orienteering skills, learn about Colorado wildlife, work with hunting dogs, identify tracks, and do some trap shooting along-side.22 shooting. You’ll have a chance to learn about careers in the great outdoors alongside actual outdoor professionals. Join us for the most memorable week of your summer with friends new and old in the mountains of Cal-Wood. This camp is for 12-15 year olds.

Fly Fishing with RIGS
Friday, July 31

Enhance your fly fishing techniques with a RIGS instructor.

Fishing at Rock Canyon
Saturday, August 1

Join Intern Ranger Ben to hike to and fish in Rock Pond. Fishing poles available or bring your own. 16 and older will need a fishing license. This is a moderate 5 mile hike.

Let's Fish! A Family Fishing Day
Sunday, August 2

Do you have fond memories of fishing with a friend or family member and want to share that feeling with your family? Then this is the clinic for you and your family! Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be hosting a clinic to teach you how to get started in fishing. Various techniques will be covered from basic to intermediate.

Fly Fishing with Jeff
Friday, August 14

Learn the basics of fly fishing.

Ladies' Introduction To Fly Fishing
Saturday, August 15

Ladies, have you wanted to learn how to get started in fly fishing and have you been looking for a women only clinic? Search no more. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is offering an introduction to fly fishing clinic that is limited to women only. This small class setting will teach you everything you need to get started in fly fishing and will have plenty of time actually fishing.

Huck Finn Fishing for Kids
Saturday, August 15

Bring your kids for a morning of pond fishing! Fishing gear and instruction provided.

Fly Fishing with RIGS
Friday, August 28

Enhance your fly fishing techniques with a RIGS instructor.


Body of Water Region Report Date Link 
Dry Creek Pondnorthwest2023-06-02Atlas
Echo Canyon Reservoirsouthwest2023-06-02Atlas
Palmer Lakesoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Monument Lakesoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Pothole Lake #1 (lower)southwest2023-06-02Atlas
Pothole Lake #2 (upper)southwest2023-06-02Atlas
Quail Lakesoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Prospect Lakesoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Hale Pondssoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
DeWeese Reservoirsoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Lake Dorotheysoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Wahatoya Reservoirsoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Daigre Reservoirsoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Monument Reservoirsoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Rampart Reservoirsoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Creedmore Lakesnortheast2023-06-02Atlas
Crystal Creek Reservoirsoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Dragonfly Pondsoutheast2023-06-02Atlas
Taylor Park Reservoirsouthwest2023-06-02Atlas
Roaring Judy Pondssouthwest2023-06-02Atlas
Ridgway Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Bittersweet Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Riverside Park Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Centennial Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Boxelder Lake #3northeast2023-05-26Atlas
Poudre Pondsnortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Allen Park Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Windsor Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Taylor Park Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-26Atlas
North Lake Park Pondnortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Sheldon Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Vallecito Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Mountain Home Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Pinewood Reservoirnortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Frantz Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Sands Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Uncompahgre Riversouthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Buena Vista Kids Pondsoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Chalk Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Cottonwood Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Wrights Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Douglas Reservoirnortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Manitou Park Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Blue Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Green Mountain Falls Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Rosemont Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Lost Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Anticline Pondsoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Fountain Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Standley Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Martin Lakesoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Horseshoe Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-26Atlas
Arvada Reservoirnortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Taylor Park Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Bellaire Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Dowdy Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
West Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Fetcher City Pondnorthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Casey's Pondnorthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Sylvan Lakenorthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Sweetwater Lakenorthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Muddy Pass Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Seymour Reservoirnortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Wolford Mountain Reservoirnorthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Axial Basin Lakenorthwest2023-05-26Atlas
Georgetown Lakenortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Mann-Nyholt Lake Northnortheast2023-05-26Atlas
Thornton Gravel Lake #2northeast2023-05-26Atlas
Windsor Lakenortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Taylor Park Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Ehrlich Lakenortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Johnstown Reservoirnortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Sheldon Lakenortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Tarryall Reservoirnortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Clear Creek Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-19Atlas
Pine Valley Ranch Lakenortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Salida Hydro Pond #2southeast2023-05-19Atlas
Lon Hagler Reservoirnortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Craig Justice Center Pondnorthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Craig City Pondsnorthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Grand Lakenorthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Cowdrey Lakenortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Old Pondnorthwest2023-05-19Atlas
McKee Lakenorthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Beaver Lakesouthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Gypsum Pondsnorthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Highline Lakenorthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Rangely Fishing Pondnorthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Buckeye Reservoirnorthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Jackson Gulch Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Pastorius Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Twin Spruce Pondssouthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Flatiron Reservoirnortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Glenmere Lakenortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Chipeta Lakesouthwest2023-05-19Atlas
South Platte Rivernortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Eaglewatch Lakenortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Arkansas Riversoutheast2023-05-19Atlas
Anticline Pondsoutheast2023-05-19Atlas
Cherry Creek Reservoirnortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Aurora Reservoirnortheast2023-05-19Atlas
Crystal Creek Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-19Atlas
Brush Hollow Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-19Atlas
Rampart Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-19Atlas
North Lakesoutheast2023-05-19Atlas
Manitou Park Lakesoutheast2023-05-19Atlas
Smith Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Stabilization Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Ligon Reservoirnorthwest2023-05-19Atlas
Milavec Reservoirnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Carter Lakenortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Pinewood Reservoirnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Douglas Reservoirnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Chatfield Reservoirnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Arvada Reservoirnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Standley Lakenortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Corn Lakenortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Thornton Gravel Lake #3northeast2023-05-12Atlas
Bear Lakenortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Kriley Pondnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Slough Pondnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Breeze Pondnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Fraser Lions Club Kids Pondnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Granby City Pondnorthwest2023-05-12Atlas
Granby Town Pond #1northwest2023-05-12Atlas
Wilmor Pondnorthwest2023-05-12Atlas
Nottingham Lakenorthwest2023-05-12Atlas
Berry Creek Pondnorthwest2023-05-12Atlas
Eagle Ranch Children's Pondnorthwest2023-05-12Atlas
Davis Pondsnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Mt. Elbert Forebaysoutheast2023-05-12Atlas
Riverside Pond, Southsoutheast2023-05-12Atlas
Chalk Lakesoutheast2023-05-12Atlas
Wrights Lakesoutheast2023-05-12Atlas
Tarryall Reservoirnortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Green Mountain Falls Lakesoutheast2023-05-12Atlas
Crystal Creek Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-12Atlas
Schryver Park Pondsoutheast2023-05-12Atlas
Pueblo Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-12Atlas
Bellaire Lakenortheast2023-05-12Atlas
Fetcher City Pondnorthwest2023-05-12Atlas
Joe Moore Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-12Atlas
McPhee Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-12Atlas
Echo Canyon Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-12Atlas
Summit Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-12Atlas
Rainbow Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-12Atlas
Smith Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-05Atlas
Stabilization Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-05Atlas
Tarryall Reservoirnortheast2023-05-05Atlas
Cottonwood Lakesoutheast2023-05-05Atlas
Skaguay Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-05Atlas
Fairplay Pondnortheast2023-05-05Atlas
Hudson Town Pondnortheast2023-05-05Atlas
Evergreen Lakenortheast2023-05-05Atlas
Boxelder Lake #3northeast2023-05-01Atlas
North Lake Park Pondnortheast2023-05-01Atlas
Carter Lakenortheast2023-05-01Atlas
Windsor Lakenortheast2023-05-01Atlas
McCall Lakenortheast2023-05-01Atlas
Monument Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-01Atlas
Wahatoya Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-01Atlas
Daigre Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-01Atlas
Pathfinder Park Pondsoutheast2023-05-01Atlas
Brush Hollow Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-01Atlas
Centennial Lakenortheast2023-05-01Atlas
Crawford Reservoirsouthwest2023-05-01Atlas
Walsenburg Kids Pondsoutheast2023-05-01Atlas
Horseshoe Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-01Atlas
Martin Lakesoutheast2023-05-01Atlas
Eaglewatch Lakenortheast2023-05-01Atlas
South Platte Rivernortheast2023-05-01Atlas
Trinidad Central Park Lakesoutheast2023-05-01Atlas
Trinidad Reservoirsoutheast2023-05-01Atlas
Chatfield Reservoirnortheast2023-05-01Atlas
Smith Lakenortheast2023-05-01Atlas
Centennial Park Lakenortheast2023-05-01Atlas
Bear Creek Reservoirnortheast2023-05-01Atlas
Dillon Reservoirnorthwest2023-05-01Atlas
Riverside Park Lakenortheast2023-04-21Atlas
Poudre Pondsnortheast2023-04-21Atlas
Johnstown Reservoirnortheast2023-04-21Atlas
KOA Lake - Bouldernortheast2023-04-21Atlas
Izaak Walton Longmont Pondnortheast2023-04-21Atlas
Flatiron Reservoirnortheast2023-04-21Atlas
Boulder Kids Pondnortheast2023-04-21Atlas
Manitou Park Lakesoutheast2023-04-21Atlas
Huerfano Riversoutheast2023-04-21Atlas
Dowdy Lakenortheast2023-04-21Atlas
North Fork Reservoirnortheast2023-04-21Atlas
Lon Hagler Reservoirnortheast2023-04-21Atlas
Echo Canyon Reservoirsouthwest2023-04-21Atlas
McPhee Reservoirsouthwest2023-04-21Atlas
Summit Reservoirsouthwest2023-04-21Atlas
Chambers Lakenortheast2023-04-14Atlas
West Lakenortheast2023-04-14Atlas
Windsor Lakenortheast2023-04-14Atlas
Harvey Gap Reservoirnorthwest2023-04-14Atlas
Gypsum Pondsnorthwest2023-04-14Atlas
Rangely Fishing Pondnorthwest2023-04-14Atlas
Sleepy Cat Pondsnorthwest2023-04-14Atlas

ELK RIVER #2Northwest Region7/21/2015
ELK RIVER, NORTH FORK #1Northwest Region7/21/2015
GYPSUM PONDSNorthwest Region7/21/2015
MIX LAKESouthwest Region7/21/2015
MONTGOMERY RESERVOIRNortheast Region7/21/2015
PERICLES PONDSouthwest Region7/21/2015
SKAGUAY RESERVOIRSoutheast Region7/21/2015
MOUNTAIN HOME RESERVOIRSouthwest Region7/21/2015
NAST LAKENorthwest Region7/21/2015
OFFICERS GULCH PONDNorthwest Region7/21/2015
SANDS LAKESoutheast Region7/21/2015
TRINIDAD RESERVOIRSoutheast Region7/21/2015
ANDREWS LAKESouthwest Region7/21/2015
CASEY PONDNorthwest Region7/21/2015
FETCHER CITY PONDNorthwest Region7/21/2015
MOLAS LAKE, BIGSouthwest Region7/21/2015
SHERIFF RESERVOIRNorthwest Region7/21/2015
TAYLOR PARK RESERVOIRSouthwest Region7/21/2015
BELLAIRE LAKENortheast Region7/21/2015
BIG CREEK LAKE, LOWERNorthwest Region7/21/2015
CHALK CREEK LAKESoutheast Region7/21/2015
HOHNHOLZ LAKE #2, LITTLENortheast Region7/21/2015
SAN JUAN RIVER #2Southwest Region7/21/2015
SAN JUAN RIVER, EAST FORKSouthwest Region7/21/2015
TWIN LAKES (BOTH)Southeast Region7/21/2015
WEST FORK LAKES (2)Southwest Region7/21/2015
WRIGHTS LAKESoutheast Region7/21/2015
COLUMBINE PONDSSouthwest Region7/14/2015
MONUMENT RESERVOIRSoutheast Region7/14/2015
SAN JUAN RIVER #2Southwest Region7/14/2015

Note: The stocking report is updated each Tuesday morning during the fishing season.​
Keep in mind that fishing conditions change on a constant basis. A lot can change in a week from the time this fishing conditions report is produced. If the water you are interested in knowing more about is not listed here or if you're looking for the most current ​information, we encourage anglers to explore some of the numerous private websites that offer fishing condition reports.

Examples include: 

Many other fly shops and marinas also offer fishing condition reports on their websites as well.

Conditions Statewide Report:

The following information is provided by CPW employees and local fishing enthusiasts. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Keep in mind that fishing conditions change on a con​stant basis. A lot can ​change in a week from the time this fishing conditions report is produced. ​​​​

Fishing Closures

Per CPW Regulations, the Director may authorize emergency closure of fishing waters in the state when it is determined that environmental conditions in these waters are such that fishing could result in unacceptable levels of fish mortality. Additionally, CPW may initiate a voluntary fishing closure where the agency asks anglers to find alternative places to fish until conditions improve. When such determination has been made, public notice will be given, including posting at the relevant water. 

The criteria for any potential action may include: 

  • Daily maximum water temperatures > 71°F 
  • Stream flows ≤ 50% of the daily average flow 
  • Fish condition visibly deteriorating 
  • Daily dissolved oxygen < 6 parts per million 
  • Natural or man-caused environmental event has occurred 

Please be aware that CPW considers the criteria above along with other factors in determining the need for a mandatory (emergency) or voluntary fishing closure. Meeting one or more thresholds does not necessarily result in implementation of a fishing closure.

Please refer to the Fishing Closure Decision Tree for more information on how those decisions are made.

​ ​

Conditions Report - Metro Denver Area

Aurora Reservoir

Trout fishing is fair to good, from shore using power bait off a slip rig. The east and west end of the dam has been productive for trout. Walleye is fair to good using leeches and jigs from boats. Restricted to electric motors only, portable gas tanks must be removed. For more information call 303-326-8425. Park Hours for May 5:30am-9:00pm
Aurora Reservoir

Chatfield Reservoir

This 1,356-acre impoundment is located in Chatfield State Park.
Chatfield Reservoir

Quincy Reservoir

Bass fishing is fair to good using soft plastics. Trout has been slow to fair using flies and spoons. Hours of operation for May 5:30am-9:00pm. Restricted to artificial flies and lures only. Only watercraft capable of being launched by hand are permitted. Vehicles and trailers are not permitted in the water. For more information call 303-326-8424.
Quincy Reservoir

Chatfield Reservoir

Boating Status: The reservoir will open to boating April 1. ANS Present: Eurasian Watermilfoil, Hybrid Eurasian Watermilfoil, New Zealand mudsnail. Recorded Species: Walleye, Trout, Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass, crappie, perch, carp Notes: Please stay at least 75 feet away from the tower per Army Corps of Engineers mandate.
Chatfield Reservoir

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Conditions Report - Southeast Colorado

Lake Trinidad

The lake is at 742 surface acres with a surface elevation of 6185.71. The water level is decreasing slightly. Boating Status: Open ANS: New Zealand mudsnail Elevation: 6187.45 Notes: Fishermen have reported good conditions on trout and fair conditions on bass from shore. They were catching trout on doughbait, powerbait and worms. Boaters have reported good conditions on walleye and bass. They have been using worm harnesses and bottom bouncers.
Lake Trinidad

John Martin Reservoir

Boating Status: Open ANS: None John Martin Reservoir offers many types of warm-water fish. Late spring to early summer is popular for crappie and saugeye fishing. Anglers from all over the country come to John Martin Reservoir mid-summer to fish for bass and wiper. Late-night anglers will find channel catfish and walleye all summer long. Bluegill and drum are found throughout the seasons as well. Fall usually brings another run of crappie and wiper. Recorded Species: Crappie, White Bass, Striper, Wiper, Walleye, Saugeye, Channel/Blue/Flathead Catfish, Perch, Carp, Drum, Shad and Black Bass
John Martin Reservoir

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Conditions Report - Northwest Colorado

Rifle Gap State Park

Anglers enjoy catching rainbow and German brown trout, walleye, pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass and yellow perch all seasons of the year. Rifle Gap is widely known as one of Colorado’s premier ice fishing locations. Rifle Gap has one boat ramp on the north side of the lake. Pike can be caught throughout the year. Trout are always catchable with CPW stocking the lake every few months. View the Rifle Gap brochure with map?. NOTE: There are a couple of fishing regulations that are specific to Rifle Gap: Walleye: Bag/possession limit= 3 fish Size= Must be at least 15" Only one can be more than 18" ?Perch: Bag/possession limit? for perch is 20. All other species: Same as statewide regulations.
Rifle Gap Reservoir

Elkhead Reservoir

Elkhead Reservoir is a warmwater fishery that contains Large and Small Mouth Bass, Tiger Muskie, Northern Pike, Crappie, Bluegill, and Catfish.
Elkhead Reservoir

Highline Reservoir

??There are two lakes to fish at Highline Lake State Park, Mack Mesa Lake and Highline Lake. Anglers can enjoy the warm-water fishing opportunities, which include largemouth bass, black crappie, black bullhead, channel catfish, and trout. Mack Mesa and Highline lakes are stocked with cold-water rainbow trout in the spring and fall. Beginning in early Spring, trout fishing can be great! Call the Visitor Center at 970-858-7208 for information about the last time the lakes were stocked! Cat-fishing at the inlet on the east side of the park is usually a pretty sure thing! When you catch a "big one," come into the visitor center to have your photo taken and posted on our Big Fish Board! Take advantage of the loaner kid's fishing poles and tackle boxes available to borrow in the Visitor's Center - an adult can sign the equipment out with a driver's license. Worms and power bait are usually available for purchase at the Visitor Center! Call 970-858-7208 before coming to the park, to make sure we have the items in stock. Active night fishing is allowed at the park. Notes: Currently treating Highline for Zebra Mussels
Highline Reservoir

Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake is a 42 surface-acre reservoir located in the West Brush Creek Valley. The lake is stocked with Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout. Brook and Brown Trout may also be caught. From Sept. 1 to Nov. 30, fishing is not allowed between the lake inlet and ½ mile upstream to allow for fish spawning. The park also includes 10 miles of mountain stream fishing along East and West Brush Creek. Visitors 16 and older must have a valid Colorado fishing license, available for purchase at the park's Visitor Center. Notes: Worms are suggested
Sylvan Lake

Yampa River

The Yampa River offers many fishing opportunities. Anglers fish for both warm-water and cold-water species in the Yampa. Upstream of Yampa River State Park is one of the healthiest trout fisheries found in the state. In and around Steamboat Springs, there is a variety of fishing opportunities. On the eastern end of Yampa River State Park from Hayden to Craig, there are good trout numbers, small-mouth bass and Northern Pike. On the western end of the river from Craig to Maybell, there are warm-water species, including a good small-mouth bass fishery, northern pike and catfish. Recorded Species: trout, pike
Yampa River


At an elevation of 8,000 feet, Vega State Park’s high-mountain lake sits in a beautiful montane? meadow on the northeast edge of Grand Mesa National Forest in Western Colorado. Fishing has been reported as great! Both Island and Early Settlers boat ramps are open. Please be advised that the lake is spilling shore fishing may be more difficult than in previous years.
Vega State Park

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Conditions Report - Northeast Colorado

Boyd Lake

The lake is OPEN to Boating. The COURTESY DOCK will be in place at the main ramp. The NORTH RAMP is out of the water and CLOSED. WATER LEVELS ARE LOWER THAN AVERAGE LEVELS, please use caution and be aware of shallow water hazards. Recorded Species: trout, walleye, bass (large and small, white), perch, wiper, crappie Notes: Size requirements apply: 1) Min. size for LM Bass and SM Bass is 15 in. long. 2) Min. size for walleye and saugeye is 15 in. long. 3) Only 1 walleye or saugeye in the aggregate longer than 21 inches may be taken per day
Boyd Lake

St. Vrain

Boating Status: Open ANS: Eurasian Watermilfoil There are 11 fishable ponds at St. Vrain, that are stocked on a regular basis. ?Bald Eagle Pond must be fished with artificial flies and lures only. No bait of any kind is permitted. Bald Eagle Pond and Blue Heron Reservoir are trophy bass fisheries: all bass caught on these 2 ponds must be immediately returned to the water! Only 1 catfish in your standard bag and possession limit can exceed 20" on Blue Heron Reservoir. All others kept must be smaller. Blue Heron has produced some good sized Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, and Walleye/Saugeye on jigs and lures. ?Trout fishing is very productive from fall through spring, especially for ice-fishing. Stocked trout are not picky and will be easy to catch by any legal method using a fly, lure, or bait. However, trout populations do very poorly in the summer at St. Vrain as water temps can reach the mid 80s. Bluegill, Sunfish, Pumpkin Seed, and other smaller fish and panfish will do well on small jigs, flies, and spinning lures; anglers also have luck with small live bait on ponds where it is legal to use bait. Bass, Saugeye, Perch, and Crappie do well on jigs, spinners, streamers, poppers, seasonal flies, or live bait rigs where allowed. Water temperature and spawning time will effect productivity. Carp and Catfish are plentiful, but fairly picky. Smelly bait, where legal, is productive. Cottonwood seed and topwater flies can be productive in the summer in the shallows for Carp. Pike and Walleye/Saugeye will also chase larger swim baits and spoons, but we recommend suspending only a few feet down, as most ponds with Pike are very shallow at St. Vrain. Pike and Walleye/Saugeye will also chase streamers and poppers, but will usually require some form of a leader to prevent breaking free.?
St. Vrain

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Conditions Report - Southwest Colorado

Navajo State Park

Whether fishing from a boat or a remote shoreline, fishing is excellent at Navajo State Park. Catfish, crappie, large-mouth, and small-mouth bass swim in the shallows and near the lake surface. Kokanee salmon, ?northern pike and many varieties of trout are found in deep waters. ? Remember to bring: insect repellent, sunscreen, and clothing appropriate for changes in the weather. Boating Status: Open ANS: Eurasian watermilfoil Elevation: 6,085 ft Recorded Species: Notes: The ANS inspection station is now open daily from 8am-4pm
Navajo State Park

Ridgway State Park

In the in-flowing streams and reservoir, any bait or lure is allowed and anglers can keep all fish, up to the legal limit. Sport fish in these areas include rainbow trout, brown trout, kokanee salmon and yellow perch. Boaters can reach secluded coves on the west shore of the reservoir to try their luck with catch-and-keep fishing. Kokanee salmon are available with sinkers in the deeper waters of the reservoir. There are three main areas in the park for catch-and-keep fishing from shore, described below. Boating Status: Open; non-motorized watercraft is allowed to be hand launched from Dallas Creek. ANS: None recorded at this time. Recorded Species: Kokanee salmon, brown trout, splake, yellow perch, green sunfish, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout Notes: 1. Snagging kokanee permitted Sept. 1–Dec. 31. 2. No bag, possession limit for smallmouth bass.
Ridgway State Park


​Conditions Report- Southeast Colorado

Adobe Creek Reservoir

Fishing is slow for all species. Small numbers of catfish and carp are being reported the upper boat ramps.


Arkansas River

Flows on the Arkansas River continue to decline at a gradual rate, with good visibility from Hayden Meadows down to Parkdale. As of 7/20 the flow was at 250 cubic feet per second at Hayden Meadows, 545 cubic feet per second at Granite, and 1110 cubic feet per second at Wellsville. There are hatches of Yellow Sally stoneflies, pale morning dun mayflies, some caddis, and midges. There are also strong numbers of hoppers and other terrestrials throughout the river corridor. In lower light situations, many fish are tight to the banks, holding out of the current in opportunistic feeding lies. When the sun is higher in the sky, expect fish to shift out and down a little bit, holding along the next step down the bank or moving into locations along the river bed that provide good velocity shelter. Expect flows to continue to drop and for the good fishing to continue right into the fall.


Clear Creek Reservoir

The best time to fish the reservoir has been during the morning.  Most of the catches reported by anglers were homogeneous groups of 8 to 12 inch rainbow trout.  Either sherbet PowerBait or yellow Berkley's floating magnum eggs typically works well for shore fishermen. Successful fly fishermen caught trout on Wooly Buggers. Fly fishermen also caught trout on dry flies resembling ants. Trolling less than two mph with a cowbell lure coupled with worms has been the best method to land trout.  Kokanee salmon fishing has been slow. Successful kokanee salmon anglers caught a few fish during the morning. Sometimes Squids and Dodgers are effective lures for anglers targeting kokanee salmon. The reservoir is closed to trailer motorized watercrafts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The current boating hours are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Crystal Lakes

Fishing at Crystal Lakes has been great. There are increased numbers of fly fishermen along the shore using belly boats. Fishermen are having great success using both fly rods and flies with a clear bubble.


Forebay Reservoir

Fishing has been good along the south and east shores. Fishermen are catching 10-16 inch rainbow trout using assorted colors of PowerBait. There is a closure along part of the southwestern shore due to an osprey nest.


Frantz Lake

The lake has been fishing very well for rainbow trout. Bait fishermen are doing well with PowerBait. Lure fisherman are having success with silver spoons for trout. The fishing has been good on all shores, as the water temperatures have stayed lower this summer.


Lake Henry

The lake went dry two years ago. It has been stocked with warm water fish fry (less than an inch long). The fish will probably be catchable sized next year.


Lake Meredith

The lake went dry two years ago. It has been stocked with warm water fish fry (less than an inch long). The fish will probably be catchable sized next year.


Lake Pueblo

The bass have been very active at Lake Pueblo State Park. Nicely sized bass have been caught at Sailboard Beach, Peck Creek Cove, and Boggs Creek Cove. Dark colored plastics are the key in hooking into these lunkers. A few wipers have been caught near Denver Cove by fisherman using minnows and night crawlers. Smaller bass and bluegill are very common near the North Shore Marina. Valco Ponds are still producing decent sized catfish as well as bass and carp.


Lathrop State Park

Horseshoe has been fairly quiet this week during the day, with the majority of people catching catfish at night. Martin has been producing a lot of decent size northern pike using spinners. 


O'Haver Lake

The fishing for rainbow trout has been consistently good this summer at O'Haver Lake. Fly fisherman with belly boats are particularly successful. Bait fisherman have done well with PowerBait and worms. The campground is typically full on weekends.


Riverside Ponds

Riverside Ponds are getting less fishing pressure than Frantz Lake. The fishing has been good for rainbow trout. Most anglers will catch their bag limit within a several hours. The fishing has been best at the inlets and outlets.


Trinidad Lake

The lake is at 935 surface acres with a surface elevation of 6200.97 feet. The water temperature is in the upper 60's. The trout are biting from shore using PowerBait in Reilly Canyon and areas around the Boat Ramp. A few walleye are being caught from shore in Reilly canyon using night crawlers. Boaters are catching walleye, perch and trout using jigs, and trolling. Boaters are reminded that hazards on the lake may not be marked.


Turquoise Lake

The lake has provided good fishing along the shore on both sides of the Sugarloaf Dam, Abe Lee, and at the inlet. Fishermen are using an assortment of baits and lures. The Matchless boat ramp is up and running and boat fishermen are reporting decent success. Fishermen are catching both rainbows and mackinaw from shore with lures, worms, and PowerBait.


Twin Lakes

Fishing on Twin Lakes has been good from the shore with assorted baits, lures and spinners. Fishermen are catching 12-16 inch rainbow trout from the shore, and some are catching mackinaw as well. The boat ramp is open and there is decent success being reported from those fishing from boats.


​​​Conditions Report - Northwest Colorado​​​

Lower Fryingpan

The water conditions are clear for the most part, afternoon thunderstorms can add in a bit of color. The food sources present are stoneflies, worms, PMDs, caddis, and green drake nymphs. The overall rating for this section of the river is a 6 out of 10. Head on further up the river for the best conditions unless you're willing to rock hop and work for those fish. Because of the pressure on the upper reaches off this tail water, embracing the lower sections brings joy to many! Access is not nearly as easy, but this is another added benefit to those looking to get away from cheek to jowl fishing. Remember all hatches start on the lower and move their way up! Love hopper-dropper and Czech nymphing? The lower river is calling your name!


Lower Roaring Fork (Carbondale to Glenwood)

The water flow is at 1690 cubic feet per second in Glenwood Springs. The water conditions are good but still currently a little bit on the high side for a higher rating. Be aware of limited space at Westbank take out, there is only room for a few boats in a queue below the ramp. There are reports of many people with less experience on the Fork zooming right by the take out, especially if you are floating until dark. The overall rating for this section of the river is a 7.5 out of 10. The food sources present are drakes (starting to fade out, the wave is between Carbondale and Basalt now) PMDs, caddis, yellow sallies, and BWO's. The float fishing has resumed too in a very big way. If you have the opportunity to float - definitely do so. Nymph the soft n' slow with shallow and moderately heavy two-fly nymph rigs. The river has dropped and cleared significantly over the past two weeks and is right on schedule for the renowned green drake hatch. Overcast days are yielding decent midday hatches of yellow sallies and PMDs with "lightning rounds" producing very good numbers of caddis.


Middle Fryingpan

The water conditions are slightly stained, but pretty darn clear for the current flows. The food sources present are worms, stoneflies, caddis, PMDs, and drake nymphs. The overall rating for this section of the river is a 7.5 out of 10 due to lesser crowds and equally good fishing. We're seeing very decent caddis and PMD hatches mid-river. If crowds aren't your thing, there are plenty of public accesses in this stretch. Finding a place to tuck out of the wind is usually a little easier in here, away from the dam. As we ease into summer, the middle section of the river has been fishing rock solid. Hatches roll up the Fryingpan as they do on most rivers, so be expecting to see more PMDs in this section than right below the dam. (The same will go for drakes.) This section is fished best by covering a lot of water and varying your technique until the fish start to react to your offerings. Late afternoon has been producing very solid caddis fishing, PMDs are popping midday primarily. As the sun begins to set behind the hills, be sure to have some rusty (PMD) spinners and caddis in your fly box. The other thing to keep in mind is your streamer box, as Fryingpan fish react quite well to these larger patterns as the sun recedes and they feel a little safer.


Middle Roaring Fork (Basalt Downstream to Carbondale)

The water flow is at 1,000 cubic feet per second in Basalt. And the water has good clarity but it still is a bit on the high side for a better rating. The overall rating is a 7 out of 10 with evening "lightning rounds" ranking at a 10 out of 10 (drakes are going strong from Bonedale all the way to Basalt now). The food sources present are green drakes, caddis, stoneflies, PMD's, and BWO's. The fishermen on the river are doing great during the green drake lightening round around Basalt now, and the caddis dry fly fishing mid-day has been rock solid. River flows are still on the big side. The green drake wave is now between Carbondale and Basalt. Caddis are going strong all day now, with drakes are beginning to appear right around dusk. Take plenty of dry shake and your head lamp to take advantage of this amazing fishing.


State Forest State Park

Last week's rains have given way to somewhat clearer skies here at State Forest State Park, but the best fishing seems to be on the cloudy days.  The rain has been light and forgiving and that has made for clear waters and excellent sight fishing especially in our alpine lakes.  As lures go, damselfly and dragonfly populations have started to increase though not as numerous as might be expected.  Ants and wooly buggers are a good choice for our alpine lakes such as Kelly and clear where large and hard to catch cutthroat are still being spotted.  Their genetics are a mix of different cutthroats but golden trout only exist on the State Forest in legend.  We do have greenback genetics and if you are lucky enough to catch one please release it immediately at they have threatened status according to US Fish and Wildlife.  The fishing clinic held Saturday, July 18, was a success with a large turnout of young anglers and plenty of large Rainbows caught mainly with worms. North Michigan Reservoir, having been stocked more recently on 6/25/15 will yield cutbow for the slightly more patient and the occasional large brown with plenty of brook trout being caught in the willow marsh above and below.  The liveliest catch is still around dusk when the surfaces of our lakes can be teeming with fish and insect life alike.  Lake Agnes, with the shortest approach of our alpine lakes, has also been swarmed with cutthroat.


Sylvan Lake

The lake is great if you are seeking 11-12 inch rainbow trout. And a few brook trout are being caught too. Anglers have had success with gold and silver spinners, variety of flies, and pink and purple PowerBait.  


Upper Fryingpan

The water flow is at 204 cubic feet per second and Ruedi Reservoir is full, and the water has very minor discoloration with plenty of water visibility. The overall rating for this section of the river is a 7 out of 10 and getting better daily. Flows are back down to normal summer water levels and good fishing has resumed. We are still in that transition period from spring hatches to summer hatches, where BWOs are fading away as the PMDs start to really come on. Expect good midday hatches from 11am-3pm. The food sources present are BWO's, PMD's, caddis, drake nymphs, midges, and mysis shrimp. Summer is here, and perfect summertime flows are happening on the Fryingpan. Visibility is just fine, although afternoon thunderstorms can add a bit of color anywhere on the tail water section. As mentioned above, we are in that "in between" time hatch-wise, where BWO's are starting to fade out and PMDs are beginning to make their presence known.


Upper Roaring Fork (Aspen Downstream to Basalt)

The water flow is at 605 cubic feet per second below Maroon Creek (Woody Creek Canyon) and the water clarity is ideal but flows are still on the higher side. Fish the soft water and you'll do plenty of damage out there. The overall rating for this section of the river is a 6 out of 10. Exercise caution while moving around on the river, and don't get in unless you find a soft section with some visibility. The green drake train stops up here next. The food sources present are green drake nymphs, caddis, PMD's, stoneflies, worms, and BWO's. The fishing is getting better each and every day along the upper river with hatches resuming as the water levels continue to drop. Caddis are the main hatch (for now), with lighter numbers of PMDs and a few stoneflies. By the end of the month we will see green drakes come to fruition along with heavier numbers of PMD's as the BWO's begin to fade away. Dry fly junkies are doing well fishing dry/dropper goodies midday, with the heaviest hatches (caddis) occurring during the last hour of light. Don't forget to skate, skitter, and bump around your caddis dries for the best success.


Vega Reservoir

All three boat ramps are open at this time. Fishing has been excellent this week. Anglers are reporting catching rainbows and cutthroats in the 14 - 16 inch range using PowerBait and worms. Please make sure to have all boats inspected prior to launching. The ANS inspection station hours are as follows: Monday - Thursday 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Friday and Saturday 7 a.m. - 8:30 p.m., and Sunday 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


​Conditions Report - Southwest Colorado​​

Jackson Gulch Reservoir

The fishing at Jackson Gulch Reservoir is always good, as our regulars tell us, especially near the inlet and in the cove just before campsites 25 and 26, but recently it has picked up, especially for boaters. Staff members surmise that it is weather-related, since the mid-June slow-down coincided with the drop in precipitation and general increase in temperature and sunshine. But, as the cloud cover and rainfall have come back with July's monsoon season, so have the fish. It also helps that the hatchery in Durango dropped 3,750 cutbows (hybrid rainbow-cutthroats) into the lake last Wednesday. Once they were acclimated and excited about their new environs, they started hitting the spinners and worms hard, notably in the middle of the lake. Many of boaters came and left within hours having caught their limit and thrown back a handful more. Watch the weather, but note that it usually doesn't last long – either way, the local storms brings cooler weather and nice breezes whether or not they drop any rain.


Navajo Reservoir

Bass have been biting well. Colorado and New Mexico fishing licenses are available at the Visitor Center.  Social security numbers are required for purchase. Please remember to bring sunscreen, insect repellent and clothes appropriate for changes in the weather.​

Keep in mind that fishing conditions change on a constant basis. We encourage anglers to explore some of the numerous private websites that offer fishing condition reports. Examples include:,, and Many other fly shops and marinas also offer fishing condition reports on their websites as well.


For further information please refer to the Fishing Report on the Division of Wildlife web site at

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To view Colorado's Fishing Records, please visit the DOW's website at:

To see photos of Jessica Walton and her state-record channel catfish, visit:

For more news about Division of Wildlife go to:

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:

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The journal also reveals when and where to find a multitude of the famous, and the not-so-well-known insect hatches that occur on major rivers and backcountry streams. Be in the right place at the right time to find trout rising to green drake, blue-winged olive, red quill and pale morning dun mayflies.

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The following steps will ensure that a released fish has the best chances
for survival:
1) Do not play any fish to total exhaustion.
2) Keep the fish in water as much as possible when handling and removing hook.
3) Romove hook gently - do not squeeze the fish or put fingers in gills.
4) If deeply hooked - cut line - do not pull hook out.
5) Release the fish only after its equilibrium is maintained. If necessary
gently hold the fish facing up-stream and move the fish slowly
back and forth.
6) Release the fish in quiet water.
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